The American salon industry generates 421,206 pounds of waste per day.

At Origin Salon and Spa, we are committed to sustainability, for both our Salon and in our community. Therefore we have partnered with Green Circle to recycle and repurpose over 95% of our waste. Along with providing services with natural Aveda products, we will be recycling all hair, foil, and waxing implements.

Here is how it works:

1. We collect all waste in Green Circle Boxes

2. Green Circle takes the waste to a sorting facility

3. What can be repurposed is repackaged and the rest is recycled

Hair is used to make hair booms that help clean up oil spills, metals are melted and reused to create consumer products, and chemicals are reused to create sustainable energy!

We are so excited to be taking another big step forward in sustainability and are proud to stand behind this initiative. We are committed to bettering our sustainability practices for both our community and the environment!

Your visit to our Salon and Spa will contribute the responsible recycling and repurposing of any and all beauty and waste products. Our planet thanks you!