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Weddings take some serious planning. It’s recommended that you invest in a series of spa visits, starting 4-6 months before your wedding. Read the do’s and don’ts for getting the perfect bridal spa experience.


  1. Plan Ahead: Make a list of your wellness & beauty priorities: if you have trouble skin, focus your time & resources on a series of facials. If you’re super stressed, regular massages will ease tension and give you soft skin. If your hair needs attention, choose a spa that can help you get luscious locks.
  2. Get a Body Wrap: There are body wraps designed for many purposes: detoxify your skin, lose a few inches, soothe aches & pains, get super-soft skin and more. Spafinder recommends booking a series of 4-6 body wraps for best results.
  3. Take Your Fiancé: Book a couples massage with your other half, or for a unique experience we highly recommend booking a Hammam experience together. Skin is exfoliated & cleansed with black soap and Rhassoul clay is applied to purify the skin. End the day with a relaxing visit to the sauna with your loved one. Your skin will be positively glowing – and so will your future hubby!
  4. Start Body Brushing: Body brushing is a guaranteed route to glowing skin. You can do this at home every day with a body brush and compliment your regime with a lymphatic drainage massage at the spa. Body brushing improves circulation, softens skin, reduces cellulite and helps the body eliminate toxins.


  1. Get a Facial a Few Days Before Your Wedding:
    Facials draw out impurities from the skin, which can cause breakouts and redness. For this reason, it is recommended that you have a facial no less than one week prior to your wedding. For radiant skin, Spafinder Wellness 365 recommends a series of facials before your wedding (try once a month for 6 months).
  2. Wax on the Day of the Wedding:
    Similar to facials, waxing should be performed at least a week before your wedding. You want your wedding day skin to be glowing and smooth, not irritated and red!
  3. Do a DIY Fake Tan!:
    We’re sure you’ve heard horror stories about brides doing their own fake tan before their wedding. Don’t go there – it’s not worth it! If you want a fake tan, pay a professional, preferably one you’ve used before or someone recommended by a friend.
  4. Stress About Money
    We understand that it’s not possible for everyone to visit the spa each month in the run-up to your wedding. No matter what your budget, we want you to be able to enjoy the spa – you can even do this at home with our DIY spa tips. Give yourself a facial, enjoy a detoxifying bath and even make your own lip balm wedding favors!


Origin has spa, hair, and makeup services just for bridal parties – and the groom too! Learn more about our bridal and wedding-day services. There’s also a bridal shower package that turns one evening into a night of beaury, relaxation, and decadence. 

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