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With new technology being introduced in the beauty industry each year, the layered facial uses three different types of technology to get you ready for a makeup free summer. Using Microdermabrasion, an LED light therapy machine, and microcurrent, your skin will be glowing and ageless.

The Bio Therapeutic Wet/Dry Microdermabrasion machine uses a variety of diamond tips to allow for easy physical exfoliation, removing the top layer of dead skin and exposing a brand-new layer of skin. Ranging from coarse to fine, the level of tip that is used is based on your skin’s sensitivity and the amount of oil that your skin produces. The different tip levels also allow for your skin to get used to the microdermabrasion machine so your skincare specialist can increase the level each visit. Using microdermabrasion to physically exfoliate also allows for your pore size to decrease so it’s perfect for anyone that is worried about oiliness and large pores. Sun damage and hyperpigmentation are also a major concern when it comes to your skin and by using this device to physically exfoliate, there is a noticeable difference.

The Bio Therapeutic L.E.D light therapy machine is great for all skin types and is customized to your specific skincare needs. There are three different light setting, the red light, the blue light, and the combination light. Each serves a different purpose during a facial service. The red light helps to increase blood circulation and the revitalization of aging skin. The blue light targets congested pores and helps to clear up acne, and the combination light, which combines both red and blue light, helps to clear up acneic skin and helps with your skins age management. Using the light after the exfoliation with the microdermabrasion will allow for the products and the light to penetrate deeper into your skin giving you the best results possible.

The Bio Therapeutic Microcurrent machine gives you the look and the benefit of getting a facelift, without all the pain and expense. Microcurrent is known as a non-surgical facelift because of how youthful and firm your skin looks and feels afterward. The device that we use sends a micro electrical current to the muscles in your face and retrains them. Over time your skin will naturally look more lifted. Each time you come in to get microcurrent, your skin care specialist has the option to increase the level of intensity each visit so you get improved results each time.

By combining the latest in skincare technology, you are bound to get the best results possible when it comes to the health of your skin. Your skin starts aging at 25 years old so, at any age, this facial will make a huge difference in your skin. So why not start now! Feel confident this summer and put your best skin forward with the help of our layered facial.

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