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A chemical skin peel is a rejuvenating aesthetic or medical procedure through which a light, medium or deep chemical solution is applied on the skin. It is a skin exfoliating and resurfacing procedure resulting in smoother and younger looking skin because in essence younger skin is being created. It takes time and commitment but in the end your skin will be just beautiful.

Good candidates for chemical peel treatments are both men and women with fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation freckles, photo aging, superficial scars, aging, dull and dry or dehydrated skin, mild acne breakouts, melasma. A series of chemical peel treatments improve the skin’s elasticity, texture, and the skin turgor.

Simple post-care system is essential after application of chemical peel: Use a gentle, southing cleanser at home, integrate ingredients like omega 6 essential fatty acids, hydrating masks and peptide creams. Using broad-spectrum UVA and UVB daily is a must!

Origin Salon Spa offers an Aveda Perfecting plant-based Peel, followed by Aveda skin care hydrating serums and masks. We also offer variety of Aveda products for your daily skincare home regimen.

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Sources for this Skin care blogs are provided by Silviya Redinger –  Licensed Master Esthetician and Licensed Educator from the state of Washington and Esthetician at Origin Salon and Spa in Redmond, WA

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