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by Selwa Beard
Origin Stylist

Left with dull lifeless hair less than 4 weeks after your appointment? Ask yourself this; what home care products are you using? Are they on brand with the color your stylist uses? If not, that may be why you’re are seeing fading, or loss of color completely.

If you’re blonde, overuse of blue or purple shampoo may be your problem. Try waiting a minimum of two weeks before breaking out the blue shampoo. In the meantime use Aveda Color Conserve shampoo to preserve your blonde. If you believe you have mineral build up, contact your stylist and set up some detox and conditioning treatments.

If you’re coloring your gray and you notice after a few weeks the coverage becomes translucent/warm; the product you are using at home is typically to blame.

  1. Wait at least 3 days before washing your hair after a color service. This allows the color to keratinize and bond to your hair creating a long-lasting fade proof color.
  2. When washing your hair for the first time, be sure to use an on-brand color safe shampoo and conditioner. Aveda’s Color Conserve is specifically formulated to keep your color looking fresh and luminescent.
  3. When using heat on your hair (curling or flat iron) Make sure your Iron is set BELOW 300 degrees to prevent burning your hair, as well has fading your color.

If you swim frequently, use Aveda Sun Care masque under your swim cap to prevent buildup of minerals and chemicals in the hair. Also, make sure to use the sun care hair and body wash to cleanse any build up off the hair. This one is safe for children well.

If you’re outside in the sun frequently, you’ll need to invest in hair sun screen to ensure your hair does not get burnt or over processed from the sun’s UV rays. Even on a cloudy day! Sun damage is often over looked, but is a major player in the health of your hair and longevity of your color. For this I recommend Aveda Sun Care protecting hair veil, whether you are in Cancun or outside gardening!


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