Haircuts & Styling

Our Aveda-trained hair stylists work with you to determine the haircut that will best suit you. Before our stylists pick up their scissors or products you will receive a complimentary consultation. Our consultation is a series of questions that is designed for us to know your personal style and produce a look specific to your individuality. This allows us to connect, communicate, and set expectations.

Indulge in a luxurious and transformative Aveda haircut experience at Origin. Our expert stylists have received training from Aveda professionals to provide you with the best in hair care and styling. Whether you're looking for a trim or a complete hair transformation, our Aveda haircut services are tailored to your unique hair type and style. Walk out of our salon feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and confident.
Curl Expert Cut120+
Your stylist will provide a tailored experience to enhance the beauty of your unique curls. They will also teach you how to work with your own curls and style your hair to achieve your desired look.
Returning Curl Cut100+
This service is for clients that would like their curls catered to and, have already received an in-depth training for their texture and style.
Dry Cut80+
Achieve a precise and sculpted look with a longer-lasting effect that requires minimal styling effort. Suitable for all hair types, straight or curly.
Barber Haircut 55+
Sit back, relax, and let one of our Barber Style Specialists design a look that reflects your personal style and works best for your hair. Complimentary neck trims are offered between appointments.
Youth Haircut55+
For ages 6-12. Our family-friendly salon ensures that all ages feel comfortable and well-cared for. Parents or guardians must accompany youth.
Blowouts 55+
Indulge in a stress-relieving treatment that includes our luxurious shampoo and conditioning services. Our stylists will customize your style to achieve your desired look.
Apprentice Blowouts:45+
Treat yourself to a fabulous blowout experience at our salon with one of our talented apprentice stylists. Our apprentice blowout service is perfect for those who want to try something new and indulge in a relaxing hair styling experience without breaking the bank. Our skilled apprentices have been trained by our in-salon educator to provide you with a high-quality blowout service that will leave your hair looking and feeling amazing.
Style Pass 145+
Enjoy four stress-relieving treatments that pair perfectly with our luxurious shampoo and conditioning services. Your stylist will tailor your style based on the final look you would like to achieve. You save $20 with each pass! Expires after one year.
Special Occasion Updo95+
Our skilled stylists will create a half updo or updo that complements your outfit and style.
Dry Styling 50+
Come in with clean, dry hair, and our stylists will style it with either a curling or flat iron, resulting in a style that lasts for days.
Additional Styling 30+
Upgrade your existing appointment with extra styling services, extra sleek with a flat iron or bouncy waves with a curling iron. Additional time may be required for this service.
Extra Length and Density25+
An extra charge may occur if your hair is past your mid back, thick, or requires extra time.

All haircut prices on the menu are starting prices. All prices vary depending on hair length, density and time required.


Experience the transformative power of Aveda hair color at Origin, our expert Colorists will give your hair a deep, rich, and solid hue from roots to tips. Our Colorists use only Aveda color products, which are made with naturally derived ingredients infused with plant oils to nourish your hair and enhance its natural beauty.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your natural color, cover grey, or go darker, our Colorists will work with you to create a customized color that fits your unique needs and personal style. Book your appointment today and discover the Aveda difference for yourself.

Color prices can range for the following reasons: Hair density, length and/or condition.

Base Color99+
Base color is a one-step color process. To enhance your natural color, for grey coverage or to go darker, our Colorists can craft a personalized custom color to fit your needs.
Glossing Treatment99+ | 55 add-on
With Aveda's DEMI + line, our gloss Treatments deliver maximum shine, up to 75% grey coverage and softness with color that is 92% naturally derived. Our No ammonia, no PPD. Color, imparts shine and conditioning that lasts up to 8 weeks.
Extra Color25+
An extra charge may occur if your hair is past your mid back, thick, or requires extra time/ product

All hair service prices on the menu are starting prices. All prices may vary depending on hair length, density and time required.

Express Services

Professionally applied & customized hair color, from roots to ends, to wash & blow dry at home. You will receive a home-care kit which includes instructions for completion, shampoo, color balancing conditioner, a pair of gloves, and a stain remover wipe.

Express Base Color 85+
Express Gloss Add-On35+

All hair service prices on the menu are starting prices. All prices may vary depending on hair length, density and time required.


We offer a wide range of highlighting services to enhance your hair and bring out your natural beauty. Our team of experienced stylists are skilled in the latest highlighting techniques and use only the highest quality products to ensure that your hair looks its best.

Full Highlights200+
This service addresses the entire head, great for all over lightness.
Extended Highlights170+
This service addresses the crown and sides of the head to achieve a much lighter uniform color. This is a service that needs to be maintained every 8-12 weeks. A great maintenance appointment between full head highlights.
Partial Highlights150+
This service addresses the crown of the head, leaving the dimension underneath. This is a great maintenance appointment.
Face Framing Highlights89+
This technique is perfect for someone that needs a maintenance appointment in between regular highlighting. This is also great for people that would like to brighten up the hair around their face accentuating their facial features.
Soft Balayage160+
This service addresses the whole head adding lightness in only where requested. This is a great service for someone looking to brighten up dull ends while maintaining maximum dimension.
Full Baby Lights240+
This service is a luxury service that addresses the whole head, giving an effortless look while maintaining rich dimension in the hair. The most impactful blonding service.
Strong Balayage200+
This service addresses the whole head, for someone that wants all over lightness with subtle dimension.
This is a luxury service for the modern woman. This service includes a full head highlight with Balayage in between the foils for the “Instagram” look.

All hair service prices on the menu are starting prices. All prices may vary depending on hair length, density and time required.

Bleach and Tone

Call us to book a consultation prior to your first service.

Bleach and Tone225+
Get the perfect blonde to suit your style. From golden honey to vibrant platinum, your hair will be safely lightened by our colorists to create a new, all-over solid shade. The service includes a strengthening treatment to leave your hair soft and lustrous.
Bleach and Tone Retouch189+
Our hair experts recommendations: Keep your color bright and beautiful with a retouch every 3-4 weeks. Retouch service includes a deep conditioning treatment to keep your hair silky and strong.

All hair service prices on the menu are starting prices. All prices may vary depending on hair length, density and time required.


Express Smoothing Treatment$150+
This service focuses on softening curls and to help make home straightening simpler. Express treatments can be performed following a color service. Express treatments take approximately 90 mins with no shampooing for 8 hours after your service. This service last 4 weeks with proper home care. Price includes 3oz bottles Keratin Complex.
Full Keratin Smoothing treatment $350+
Stronger than the express treatment, this service provides semi permanent smoothing, and improves shine but will not permanently or fully straighten the hair. Full Keratin treatments take approximately 2 hours with no shampooing for 72 hours after your service. This service lasts up to 5 months with recommended home care.
KCMAX™ Maximum Smoothing Treatment$375+
Our strongest smoothing treatment. Delivers Keratin Complex’s proprietary keratin technology to smooth and soften while increasing the strength of natural and damaged hair. Enjoy smoother fizz free locks for up to 3 months.

All hair service prices on the menu are starting prices. All prices may vary depending on hair length, density and time required.

Custom Fashion Color

Custom Fashion Color125+/hr
From intensely bold and vibrant all-over color to washed out pastels, we can help you create your dream color. Your colorist will consult with you on treatments and provide you with a home-care plan to maintain your desired vibrancy.
Creative/Fashion Color Add-on75+
Most Aveda vibrant colors require a blonding service prior to application. Vibrant color services can be an all-over service or creative placement.

All hair service prices on the menu are starting prices. All prices may vary depending on hair length, density and time required.

Color Correction

Color TransformationBook Consultation
If you are looking for a color change and want an expert stylist to help you achieve your dream hair, book a transformation consultation with one of our master stylists. In addition to your service, you will receive a Botanical Repair™ Treatment and your choice of style (flat iron or curl). Take home the products that you and your master stylist determine are best for the needs of your hair and receive 20% off your product purchase day-of.

You can book a Color Transformation consultation that will allow your master stylist to determine the following:
  • Allotted time needed for service. (Service can take up to 3+ hours.)
  • If your desired look is achievable and/or requires more than one visit.
  • What is the best way to achieve your desired look and keep your hair in excellent condition?
  • The cost of your service. (The cost is determined by master stylist’s hourly rate.)
All Color Transformations require a 50% deposit at time of booking. See Adjustment Policy.
Color CorrectionBook Consultation
A Color Correction is to correct a color mishap and to restore your hair's integrity. This requires a complimentary in-person or virtual consultation, this will help your stylist to determine, price, length of service, or how many services it will take to achieve your goal. In some situations, we may not be able to perform the service due to the integrity of the hair. Color Corrections are difficult and complex services that may be done in one sitting or take multiple services. Color Corrections are not eligible for our redo or Adjustment Policy.

All hair service prices on the menu are starting prices. All prices may vary depending on hair length, density and time required.

Support Service Fee
We Create Beauty not Waste: To achieve our sustainability commitments, all of our services have a nominal environmental service fee of $2-$7. We appreciate our guests’ partnership in choosing sustainable beauty.