Origin Salon Spa is excited to introduce HydraFacial, the medical–grade professional resurfacing treatment that leaves skin instantly transformed.

HydraFacial gently exfoliates, extracts, resurfaces, and rejuvenates your skin for immediate visible results for every skin type.

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Platinum HydraFacial

Indulge in the pinnacle of skincare luxury with our Ultimate HydraFacial Experience! Immerse yourself in a revitalizing journey that begins with a detoxifying Lymphatic drainage session, preparing your skin for the transformation ahead. The heart of the experience lies in HydraFacial, an all-encompassing treatment that unlocks the secrets to radiant skin.

Our HydraFacial takes skincare to the next level by expertly cleansing, exfoliating, extracting, and infusing your skin with essential hydration. Tailored to your unique needs, a specialized booster targets your specific skin concerns, ensuring a truly personalized approach. As the treatment culminates, bask in the soothing embrace of LED Light Therapy, a final touch that diminishes visible signs of aging, leaving you with a youthful glow.

But that’s not all – to elevate your experience, we’ve included a decadent massage for your décolleté, scalp, and neck. Unwind as tension melts away, adding a serene touch to your rejuvenating journey. Elevate your self-care routine with our Ultimate HydraFacial Experience and unveil skin that’s as exquisite as you are.

Platinum HydraFacial90 mins | $300

Deluxe HydraFacial

Experience a revitalizing escape with our Invigorating HydraFacial Treatment – a harmonious fusion of essential skincare and targeted solutions. This transformative journey encompasses the core elements of HydraFacial, expertly cleansing, exfoliating, extracting, and infusing your skin with much-needed hydration.

Elevate your experience by customizing it to your unique skin needs – choose a booster that precisely addresses your concerns, ensuring a truly tailored approach that unlocks your skin’s potential. As the treatment draws to a close, bask in the rejuvenating embrace of LED Light Therapy, a powerful tool in diminishing visible signs of aging and revealing a luminous complexion.

To amplify your sense of well-being, our treatment includes a lavish massage for your décolleté, scalp, and neck. Feel tension melt away as you immerse yourself in pure relaxation, enhancing the overall revitalization of both body and soul. Elevate your self-care ritual with our Invigorating HydraFacial Treatment and uncover a renewed radiance that shines from within.

Deluxe HydraFacial 60 mins | $275

Acne HydraFacial

Experience the ultimate solution for acne-prone skin with our Clarifying Facial. Designed specifically for those dealing with acne, this transformative treatment employs cutting-edge technology to provide remarkable results. Through a gentle yet effective combination of suction and advanced filtration, our device meticulously purges pores of dirt, excess oil, and impurities. The process not only promotes a clearer complexion but also includes the added benefit of exfoliation, unveiling a smoother texture.

Our Clarifying Facial goes beyond the surface, delving deeper to stimulate the skin’s natural collagen production. By doing so, it aids in the gradual fading of acne scars, leading to a more even and radiant tone over time. The treatment encompasses extended extraction techniques, ensuring that every pore is given the attention it deserves. To top it all off, our incorporation of soothing blue light therapy adds the finishing touch, contributing to a comprehensive approach to managing acne.

Embark on a journey towards healthier, blemish-free skin with our Clarifying Facial – where innovation meets relaxation, and visible results are the ultimate destination.

Acne HydraFacial60 mins | $175

HydraFacial Deluxe Hand

Elevate your hand care routine to new heights with our Deluxe HydraFacial Hand Treatment. Indulge in a rejuvenating experience that combines exfoliation, nourishment, brightening, and hydration for your hands. Our specialized approach ensures that your unique skin concerns are met with precision, as you select a customized booster curated by our skilled estheticians.

Unveil hands that radiate beauty and vitality as our treatment works its magic. Bid farewell to dullness and dryness and welcome a new level of softness and luminosity. Whether you’re seeking to diminish the signs of aging, reduce uneven tone, or simply revitalize tired hands, our Deluxe HydraFacial Hand Treatment is your answer. Discover the true potential of your hands and experience a touch of transformation like never before.

HydraFacial Deluxe Hand 30 mins | $75

Treatment Add-Ons

HydraFacial Eye Perk 15min | $50

Introducing our Perk Eye Treatment, a rejuvenating experience that harnesses the potency of powerful ingredients and expertly crafted blends. Unlock a world of transformative results, where your eyes experience a symphony of benefits:

Witness the magic of visibly brightened, toned, and firmer outer eye contours, as our treatment targets signs of fatigue and aging. Rejuvenate and hydrate, as your delicate skin emerges radiant and revitalized, reclaiming its natural vibrancy.

But the transformation doesn't stop there – brace yourself for an acceleration of skin surface renewal, an invitation to unveil the freshest, most radiant you. Experience the plumping effect that restores youthfulness, enhancing your skin's suppleness and vitality.

With our Perk Eye Treatment, your eyes will tell a story of timeless beauty and renewed allure. Elevate your self-care routine and embrace the ultimate in rejuvenation – because your eyes deserve nothing less than the extraordinary.

HydraFacial Lip Perk 15min | $50

Discover the art of lip transformation with our Lip Treatment, an infusion of potent ingredients and carefully crafted blends designed to redefine your pout. Prepare to unlock a world of stunning results:

Experience the delight of lightly plumped lips, as our treatment works its magic to enhance your natural beauty. Hydration becomes an indulgent ritual, revealing lips that are not only smoother but also visibly more supple.

The exfoliation process becomes an enchanting journey, unveiling the true potential of your lips. Bid farewell to dryness and welcome a newfound radiance that emanates from within.

Our Lip Treatment is your key to reimagining your lips – a canvas of transformation where every detail matters. Embrace the luxury of exfoliation and experience the exquisite allure of a revitalized pout that is ready to make a statement.

HydraFacial Clarifying Back Treatment 50 mins | $260

Experience the ultimate revival for your back with our HydraFacial Back Treatment, designed to address every skin concern with precision. Whether your back is plagued by dryness, excess oil, or congestion, this transformative experience is your answer.

Embark on a journey of deep exfoliation that unveils a fresh canvas, rejuvenating your back's appearance. The infusion of glycolic and salicylic elements delves into the depths, banishing impurities and revitalizing your skin's texture.

Say goodbye to discomfort – our painless extractions offer relief without compromise, leaving your back free from congestion. The finale is a luxurious antioxidant blend, a nourishing elixir that soothes and restores, infusing your skin with a newfound radiance.

With our HydraFacial Back Treatment, your back's concerns become our focus. Unveil skin that feels reborn, as every layer is treated to a harmonious blend of care and rejuvenation. Elevate your self-care journey and embrace the transformation that awaits your back, leaving it refreshed and revitalized.