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by Sable Hewitt
Origin Master Stylist

“Undone” is the name of the game this spring when it comes to hair and fashion. As sweatpants can now be worn with heels and oversized t-shirts, and boots are the new formal wear, hair trends are following suit. In 2018, bedhead is in full effect. The less effort you put onto your ‘do, the better and trendier it is!

Working with your natural texture is KEY to achieving this look of ease. For those of us with finer hair textures, the barely there wave is perfect. Sea salt sprays, dry shampoo and light hold hairsprays make looking effortlessly perfect really easy. For those of us with fuller and maybe even coarser hair textures, creams and balms help tame some of the madness without taking away too much character.

CURLY GIRLS  – THIS IS YOUR TIME TO SHINE! Let your waves, curls, kinks, spirals and frizz fly a little more freely- try diffusing your hair for more volume and consistency or let it air dry and use a light hold hairspray to help it last throughout the day! If your hair is very textured, try different twists and knots and the undoing of those will leave you looking flawless and effortless all at once.

Wet waves have also taken over recently. All you need for this look is a lightweight styling cream and a medium to strong hold gel. Use a little more than you think you’ll need and scrunch away. Maybe keeping a wet hairspray or spray gel on hand to freshen up the look if you’re going to be outside very much!

With any of these styles a slightly imperfect center or DEEEEEP side part add to the ease and fun of the look. Don’t be afraid to move your part around and try new things! Sometimes instead of an all new style or cut, all you really need to do is explore the one you have a little further!

If that still sounds like too many steps for your morning routine, low ponytails and undone buns might be your thing! And they are the jewel in the crown of the effortless, undone era. You can leave some of those lumps and bumps you’ve been fighting to smooth out for years and you can even leave a few pieces out around your face for framing. These looks can be achieved in 5 minutes or less!

Pro tip: use dry shampoo before pinning your hair back for added texture and volume!

If you have been waiting for the simplicity of the 90’s to return, wait no more! Really simple and easy hair is officially the trend and spring 2018 is your time to give it try!!

The author: Origin Salon Spa
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